Sunday, December 5, 2010

White crystals

Shining white and multi color beads lines

Brown crystals with earrings

White Pearls with pendent

Green drops with earrings

Red corals and gades with pendent

Shining pink beads lines

Light pink crystals with white stone pendent

Pink color beads

Shining orange beads lines

Shining red beads lines

Orange Crystals with White stones

Red crystals with earrings

Multi color beads

Green Jades Drops

Green drops and multi color drops

Green Crystals and white stone balls

Multi color drops and beads

Marron Crystals with beautiful pendent

Light green crystals with earrings

Multi Black crystals with pendent and earrings


Red crystals with pendent

Black crystals and pendent

Pink Pearls

Blue Pearls

Blue Crystals with earings

Ruby Drops

Brown pearls

Orange Crystals

Sandstone and Pearl sets

White Peals golden balls

Pink Pearls

Green crystals